Still Learning…

At 27 years old, I’d like to think I have a pretty good grasp on right from wrong but was recently reminded that there is indeed, a grey area when it comes to morality.

Not long ago, I found myself being faced with a challenge of principle… and the question was whether or not it was down to me to get involved in the name of all that is good… or to let the situation run it’s course and keep quiet (being that I wasn’t directly involved.) What did I do? Thinking I had a good view from up on my moral high-ground… I assumed the hero role and climbed down to the rescue, not realising that nobody wanted to be saved.

In complete self-deprecating honesty, I was shocked when I wasn’t celebrated for what I had done.. In fact, conversely I found myself instead receiving a pretty annoyed reception party at my coronation. Wasn’t I the knight in shining armour here? Hadn’t I done something good??

Well, maybe.. but mostly not and that’s ok. Sometimes, right from wrong isn’t always clear and sometimes we mess up in the void between the two…

Maybe accepting the lessons you learn from the mistakes is the best way to move forward.

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  1. Very interesting. If you feel that you did the right thing not for yourself but for the people involved then you should stick by it, and I know that can be hard. Like you said they didn’t want to be saved so it’s not you fault that nothing was resolved (i’m assuming)
    Better to try than not to!

    1. Thank you for your comment and reassurance! I agree, sometimes you have to stick to your guns even if it means you end up losing out. The reprocussions did test my beliefs on this one though!

  2. Totally. Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher between right and wrong, making that grey area very grey. But I have to say that you’re already on the right path if you’re actively learning from your mistakes. Keep moving forward!

  3. I feel at any age knowing right from wrong can be tough, depending on the circumstances. There have been times where I had to learn from mistakes to move forward instead of letting it run it’s couarse naturally. But you learn from either one . Very nice post

  4. Since I’ve been sick and found myself depending on others for help, I’ve realized that not all help is really help, but if you had good intentions going in, then perhaps you still did the right thing. Better to have tried to help and be wrong than to not offer help when help is needed.

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