Vision Board

In 2018 I want to begin to remember thinking about the power of positive thinking and meaningful manifesting.

It can take a great effort to realise your thoughts are not in line with your goals and desires and to purposefully shift them in to a receiving state of mind. I do personally believe that your reality is a product of your own mind and that thoughts and feelings can help to shape the way in which we live our lives.

I realise now that I had been blindly ignoring this lesson I had learnt and had been stuck in a rut of negative thoughts for a while so the first step to kick starting a new school of thought was initially DECIDING TO MAKE A CHANGE and then… a vision board!

Putting up pictures of dreams, desires and happy memories in a place you can see every day is a great tool to manifesting the life you want. Seeing the things that make you happy can help to raise your mood and allow you to see a clear path to achieving your goals. Find pictures of the things you want, that make you feel good or that symbolise something to you.

For my own vision board, I found this piece of garden mesh in a garden centre, hung it on my wall and pinned up my pictures with mini pegs. I hung some dried out roses with white string that I tied to the mesh for a decorative, pretty touch too! I’ve still got plenty of space to fill and it’s still definitely a work in progress!

We can get so bogged down in indulging in what we THINK makes us feel good but in reality makes us feel low and unproductive. There is no harm in laying in bed watching Netflix every so often but doing it at every chance you get is no good for anyone. One thing I will endeavour to do in 2018 is doing the things that make me feel accomplished and excited more often and try to make it more special and enjoyable when I am just doing nothing at all!

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My holy grail skincare product

Being an oily skin girl, every so often I will have a breakout in the truest sense of the word. A few occasional blemishes here and there is normal for me, but a couple of times a year, a relentless battle with my skin will take place. It seems to resist acknowledging any lotion and potion I use and what seems to work for others is simply ignored by my stubborn skin. That is, until I took the plunge and gave in to what I now consider a staple.

I’m sure by now, every enthused beauty user has heard of the wonders of Alpa-H’s Liquid Gold and it hadn’t slipped beneath my own awareness. However, as I mentioned before, nothing has ever seemed to help, prevent or improve the condition of my skin during it’s rage and I had a tendancy to dismiss so-called “cult” beauty products. It wasn’t until a particularly frustrating breakout and reading in to all the reviews and claims that I finally bit the bullet and headed straight for to grab one. To my joy, the website had it in stock AND at the time, they were offering two for the price of one! Little did I know that this would be a god-send when I ran out of my first bottle.

So, what exactly is Liquid Gold? (for those of you who may not already know.)  Liquid Gold is essentially a low abrasion liquid exfoliator with glycolic acid. It is said to be a “revolutionary resurfacing treatment that uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system” to deliver an “overnight facial.” The Alpha-H website claims that it “Clarifies and brightens the complexion, Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, Works as a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturiser, Increases moisture within the skin and Salon results in one easy step.”  If it can do all that whilst I sleep then I am most certainly sold.

How do you use it? Every alternative night, lightly dampen a cotton ball with the product and gently wipe it over cleansed skin… and that’s it! Liquid Gold is meant to go solo and is said to work much better when it’s not used in conjunction with anything else. The treatment is more intensive when it isn’t diluted with other products but can be used under any other products you may regularly use if necessary.

This is a rather big claim and not a claim to be used lightly BUT I noticed a difference from the first use. After a nights sleep with just having used the treatment, my skin appeared to be brighter, smoother and more toned and through continued use, cleared up my nasty break out in no time.

I have been using the product for just over a year now so can confidently say that Liquid Gold will be an essential in my skin care routine and take pride of place on my counter for the unforeseeable future. It has been my Go-To and most recommended product of 2017 and continues to be. You can find it here on


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